New Look

Create-A-Candle now has a new look. After attempting to make our wax chips on site, it became clear with people coughing and gasping for air outside our shop that our scent to wax ratio was causing some people distress. Since we have no intention of weakening the strength of our product, there was only one solution left… that was to make our wax chips off site. The result was we had more space than we needed. SOoooooo, we decided to merge our Create-A-Candle shop with our Many Hands Gallery. The result is what you see on our video. The colors explode off the walls and now our customers have an even wider selection of ceramic containers to choose from. To our many gallery fans we have had to say good bye to some of our artist but the good news is that many popular items from Many Hands Gallery can still be found at The Alley on Bitters but now they are at Create-A-Candle. Come see and smell what we feel is the best and most unique candle shop in all of San Antonio and maybe even the universe.

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SIMMERING POT CANDLE FOR FACEBOOK“What do you do with the wax in your simmering pot after the fragrance has been pushed out?”

If your like most simmering pot aficionados, you probably throw it away… but STOP! Don’t waste that wax… make a simmering pot candle out of it. To learn more plan on attending the CREATE-A-CANDLE ACADEMY and discover how much fun making your own candles can be! Call (210) 404-9100 today.

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A Valentine’s Day Choice…

Wilting roses
This next Friday, February 14th men everywhere will be scrambling for last minute gifts to give to their sweethearts. Ironic that Saint Valentine was actually a priest in Rome that was tortured and executed for helping Christians. It is said that the night before his death he wrote a love note to his jailer’s daughter and signed it… “Your Valentine”. This is part of the folklore surrounding Valentine’s Day and its authenticity remain questionable. However, what is undeniably the absolute truth is anyone not sending his or her sweetheart something for Valentines day will most assuredly face his or her own execution the day after Valentine’s day if not sooner.
For those of you thinking about a dozen red roses… think again. The cost is unbelievable and within no time at all what you end up with is what you see in the picture above. However… you do have a choice! At Create-A-Candle we suggest a candle but not just any candle… a 3-minute Super candle only from Create-A-Candle. Our Valentine’s Day Special is a heart shaped container filled with our blend of Rose and Peony called “Field of Roses”.The fragrance is heavenly and It will last a long time. Just think everytime your sweetheart lights this candle… they will be thinking of YOU!

Valentines Day Special 1

José Feliciano said it best… “Come on baby, light my fire!”.

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Setting the trend…

3-minute superr candles 1Over the years we have always been big advocates of mixing and blending fragrances.  Certainly this has been a hallmark feature of first Scentchips and now Create-A-Candle.  However, it appears there is a growing trend towards single note fragrances such as Orange instead of Dreamsicle (orange plus vanilla) and who are we to stand in the way of what our customers want.

It is a proven fact that a single note fragrance made according to our formulation of maximum strength scent to wax ratios can be almost overwhelming. It seems that when our wax chips are blended (several single note fragrances combined) the final aroma becomes more mellow as more single note fragrances are mixed. The more single notes blended… the more mellow the fragrance is while still maintaining its intensity. However single notes by themselves come on like gangbusters and if you are wanting our 3-minute Super candles to be SUPER DUPER CANDLES then single note candles are definitely the way to proceed. Pictured are single note candles of Lemon, Orange, Vanilla, Cinnamon and Strawberry.

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The “SUPER” candle has arrived…

SUPER CANDLES 2It should be enough that you can get a good 3-minute candle.. but good is only second place… especially when you can have GREAT. At least that’s what the folks at CREATE-A-CANDLE believe. That is why they have now come up with the 3-minute “SUPER” candle.

The Moores figured out that while using unscented candles as a binder was easy, convenient and quick. It also diluted the fragrance ratio of the scented wax chips. The end result was a good candle but what they wanted for their customers was a GGGGGGreat candle. Now instead of just selecting your fragrances a binder fragrance is also required. These wax chips must be melted down before the wick and wax chips can be added but what a difference it makes. Once you’ve tried the CREATE-A-CANDLE “SUPER” 3-minute candle nothing else will satisfy you because nothing else can compare.


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Over the past five months our customers have expressed a desire to be able to make candles at home using the “Moore Method of CandleMaking”.
Especially those who live outside the San Antonio metroplex.

CREATE-A-CANDLE has put together the Create-A-Candle Kit providing all of the ingredients to make six (6) oyster cup candles that will each burn over 15 hours. The price of the Kit is $24.80 which fits in a $5.80 U.S. Postal Flat Rate Shipping Box that can be sent anywhere in the country. The kit contains two (2) six ounce bags of wax chips (your choice of fragrances or ours), six (6) wicks and two (2) oyster cups. Step-by-step written instructions are included along with a CANDLE KIT TUTORIAL located on this site.

Additional wax chips can be be purchased for $10.80 per bag with three (3) bags fitting into the $5.80 Flat Rate Shipping Box.

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Don’t forget your car…

Most people think about fragrance for the home or maybe even the office. However, unless your vehicle has developed a fragrance all its’ own… it is not likely that you think about your car when shopping for candles.

Auto-Freshners sharp

At CREATE-A-CANDLE our wax chips work without even burning because we use the maximum amount of scent to wax ratio. As a wax potpourri you can now include your car when considering fragrance. Our ToGoTubs which hold 5 ounces of product for $9 can be adapted for use in your vehicle. Simply ask for an “Auto Freshner” which uses a perforated lid with holes in it for aeration. Remove some of the wax chips… (5 ounces in the area of a car will blow you away) about half full will do the trick. Then secure the lid by snapping it shut and place the tub upright beneath the seat of your car. During the heat of a Texas summer or with the heater on, wax will melt but the tub will keep it contained and the low center of gravity will keep the tub from tipping over.

TIP: During the colder months remove the solid block of melted wax and break it up into smaller pieces. This will increase the surface area by which the fragrance is released keeping your auto freshner working efficiently throughout the entire year.

This Christmas when making out your gift list be sure to include your car. You will be glad you did!

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This is a question we hear virtually everyday. It seems relatively innocuous, however, the answer may surprise you.

The fact is that there is absolutely no way anyone can tell you how long a fragrance will last … and that is the simple truth. The reason why this simple question is impossible to ascertain is because there are too many unknown variables at play.

The greatest determining factor to how long a fragrance will last is how the fragrance will be released. Is it just sitting out at room temperature? Is it being burned as a candle or heated in a simmering pot? If a simmering pot is used. what type of simmering pot is it. Is the heat source a tea light, a light bulb or a hot plate? How much heat is generated by your simmering pot is a key factor because heat is the catalyst in fragrance release. The hotter the temperature the more rapidly the fragrance will be released. I have seen a simmering pot push the fragrance completely out of the wax in 3 hours while the same wax chips in a different simmering pot has lasted for two weeks. A tea light can generate only so much heat. However, the size of the flame is determined by the size of the wick being burned and how much oxygen is available for burning. Additionally how close the flame comes to the bottom of the bowl where the wax is being heated will greatly effect how hot the wax is heated. Generally there should be about 3 inches between the top of the flame and the bottom of the bowl. This means the simmering pot should be at least 4 1/2 inches in height. It is like standing close to a fire. The closer you are the hotter you will become. Another factor that will affect the heating of your wax is volume. How much wax is placed in the simmering pot bowl for heating will play a significant role in how hot your wax will become. Remember… it takes less heat to boil a teaspoon of water than it does a cup of water. The more wax you put in your simmering pot the longer fragrancing time you will enjoy.

By now it should be imminently clear that the best information you can glean from asking “How long will the frangrance last?”… is just how honest is the person you ask or how much do they really know about their product. After all you can always find someone who is going to tell you what you want to hear!

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“The Moore Method of Candle Making”

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Here are six (6) myths created by the soy wax candle industry to demonize the use of paraffin wax in candle making.

Myth 1) Soy candles emit no soot. FALSE
All organic compounds emit a soot when burned. The difference is that soot emitted by soy wax is white while paraffin wax emits a black soot. However, soot is soot regardless of its’ color. The fact is the unburned hydrocarbons (soot) which result because a wick is too long or the candle flame is placed in a draft are no more dangerous than the soot emited by your toaster or cooking grease. These everyday household sources of soot are not considered a health concern, and are chemically different from the soot formed by the burning of diesel fuel, coal, gasoline, etc. So the myth of “soot free candles” is not only inaccurate, but simply an effort by some companies to scare the general public into buying their candles.

Myth 2) Soy candles use wick specially developed without lead in it. FALSE
News Flash lead in candle wick has been banned by the Consumer Product Safety Commission since 2003. The implication in this statement is that paraffin candles still use a lead core wick which just isn’t so!

Myth 3) Soy wax is biodegradable – paraffin wax is not. FALSE
Studies have shown that beeswax, paraffin and vegetable-based waxes (soy) are ALL
biodegradable. with the vast majority of candles today being made from these waxes.

Myth 4) Paraffin Wax is toxic. FALSE
All candle waxes are non-toxic including paraffin wax. In fact, paraffin is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in food, cosmetics, and medical applications. Neither the National Candle Association or the FDA have found paraffin candles to be toxic which is why no toxic notices have ever been put out on paraffin wax candles.

Myth 5) Soy wax helps farmers in the US. False
Most soy waxes used in candle making are actually imported from other countries- the soy
american farmers make and sell rarely makes its way into soy wax used here in the U.S.

Myth 6) Soy candles are 100 percent natural. FALSE
Soy wax is softer than other waxes and require chemical hardeners be added to make the
wax more durable. Even the dyes and fragrances used in soy candles are not 100 percent

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